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Five reasons to choose Finnskogsvalsen

Finnskogsvalsen manufactures steel feed rollers that returns the best overall economy. Regardless if you are running a big final felling machine in heavy forest that demands maximum pulling power, or a smaller thinning machine that requires a wheel that is as light as possible.

1. Optimal grip

Finnskogsvalsen G4 has a remarkable traction thank’s to the sharp tooth profile of the steel feed roller. This means that the tooth penetrates the wood with ease, even at low pressures. Generation 4 has approximately 50% better traction than its predecessor and its symmetrical shape ensures that it operates just as well forward as it does backwards. This makes it easy on the harvester head and lowers the fuel cost – which serves your wallet as well as the environment. A steel feed roller that hold its grip can also measure the diameter and length more correctly.

2. Easy on the timber

How can we combine a sharp tooth with gentle handling? The answer is a carefully tested penetration restricting layer between each tooth. The shape of the tooth also makes it possible to chose penetration depth. As a bonus, this construction creates a pocket for the bark between each row of teeth, which ensures that the feed can operate with ease. And because the bark isn’t destroyed, it will remain on the stem (as a preservative cover) instead clogging the steel feed roller.

3. Low weight

After manufacturing a wast amount of steel feed rollers we know the right dimensions and which materials to use, as well as avoiding any moving parts. All this makes us minimize the weight of Finnskogsvalsen.

4. Self cleansing function

We have opted not to put the rows in an angled V-profile on out rollers, because this would mean that the roller will become asymmetrical and not completely round. The construction of Finnskogsvalsen ensures that the rollers clean themselves completely – even during the worst period of spring and early summer.

5. Durability

With Finnskogsvalsen you can utilize your machine to the utmost of its potential. High quality steel, hardened in some components and carefully welded by the best professionals, ensures a long life-span. That is why we also have a a two year warranty on the Finnskogsvalsen G4. Note that warranties for the multi tree rollers and and special orders are 6 months.